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Gone Camping...

Friday, June 25, 2010

This space will be quiet for a couple of days.  Queenie and her family have taken a short camping vacation.  Enjoy your weekend!


Friday Funnies...


White Trash Beautiful - London Launch

Thursday, June 24, 2010

*Author Note* Normally I would not post pictures of any of the band's children, but Steph looked so beautiful and daddy was so proud, I just had to share.

Jon Bon Jovi's daughter models at launch of White Trash Beautiful clothing label

Stephanie Rose takes to the catwalk with Elen Rivas for Richie Sambora's White Trash Beautiful launch

Above: Jon Bon Jovi's daughter Stephanie Rose modelled at the launch of White Trash Beautiful last night

ABOVE: Jon Bon Jovi played the role of proud dad at the launch

JON Bon Jovi played proud dad last night as daughter Stephanie Rose took to the catwalk for the launch of Richie Sambora's new fashion range White Trash Beautiful.

Stephanie Rose - who bares a striking resemblance to her rocker dad Jon Bon Jovi - made daddy proud as she modelled clothes from Richie Sambora's collection.

The blonde 17-year-old took to the runway alongside Frank Lampard's ex Elen Rivas to show off the rock-inspired collection.

Bon Jovi guitarist Richie, who created the line with designer and musician Nikki Lund, hosted the UK launch last night with a lavish party at the Indig02 in London’s O2 Arena.

The 50-year-old star was joined by a Glee hunk Matthew Morrison at the bash.



Jon Bon Jovi Interview - Time Out London

As Bon Jovi pack out the O2, we ask the band’s entourage to put their questions to the frontman

Behind every great man, they say, there’s a great woman. But if that man is an enormodome-rocking titan of cowboy-ish rawk-pop, there’ll also be roadies. And sound engineers. So, to get a unique insight into the mind of Jon Bon Jovi – currently tearing up the 02 Arena at 48 years of age – we decided to solicit questions from the people who know him best: the people he goes on the road with…

Mike Savas, management: ‘Is the jet really better than the tour bus?’

‘Yes. I would work another job before I gave up the airplane. It seats 20, but all that matters is that it seats one… me. I’ve had the same stewardess for 23 years. She’s everything you need her to be: mom or bartender. Airplanes are the way for me. I wouldn’t know what a tour bus is like. That’s like dying and going to hell.’

David Bryan, keyboard player: ‘Who in the band makes you laugh most?’

‘David Bryan. The guy just thinks funny. I mean, what can I tell you? Just look at him’

Dean Grillo, chiropractor: ‘What would make you stop touring?’

‘People not wanting to come see it, though I don’t see you and I having this conversation when I’m 60 or 70. I don’t know how Jagger does it, God bless him. Jagger’s gotta do the shit I gotta do. So I’m holding the bar up to see how high and how long he can go, but goddamn, that’s tough’

Obie O’Brien, recording engineer: ‘What’s this button for?'

‘I don’t know and don’t want to know. That for you, sir, is called job security. If you work on a recording console, it’s got a hundred-and-some-odd knobs and dials on it. The truth is they’re laid out in strips. But if you didn’t know, you’d think that guy’s a genius for knowing how to work it. So if you asked him, “What’s that button for?” he could tell you and make it really simple, or he could continue that job security and not tell you.’

Mike, rigger: ‘Why is your mic stand white?’

‘It was painted white in 1983. That’s not the original but it’s almost that old. I don’t remember why I painted it white, probably emulating somebody else, but I don’t recall who.’

Anthony Piedmonte, tour assistant: ‘Will you ever run for office'

‘I’ll run from office is more like it. Who in their right mind would want to be a politician? It’s a thankless job. I was flying with my wife and President Clinton and a guy asked the two of us whose job was better. I said, “Mine, because I get to keep the house and the airplane.” ’

Ike, front-of-house engineer: ‘As a songwriter, what song do you want to be remembered for?’

‘I’ll probably be most remembered for songs like “Wanted Dead or Alive” and “Living on a Prayer” but you also want [it to be] every song you write. With every latest one, you think: That’s it, I’ve outdone it. What are they going to write in my obituary? “Wanted Dead or Alive” and “Living on a Prayer”. Hey, it’s better to have had one. Shit, I’ve been lucky enough to have had six.’

Cheryl, management: ‘What is your motivation to keep going?’

‘This is the best job ever, next to Santa Claus. He’s probably the only guy who’s universally liked more than a guy in a rock band. People’s uninformed viewpoint of what his job entails sounds like just Christmas morning, but Santa puts in a lot of work. The pleasures wouldn’t come without all of the dedication and commitment. There’s a lot of adulation for doing something that seems so simple.’

Knute, security: ‘If you weren’t Bon Jovi’s lead singer, what would you be doing?’

‘Working for Bon Jovi. Anyone, from being on the road crew to management, hasn’t got a bad gig. Being the stewardess is also pretty good. A lot of people have been with us most of their adult lives. Good work if you can get it.’

Sooner, lighting director: ‘What was the first concert you went to?’

‘First concert was Rush, Heart and the Doobie Brothers in 1975 at a high school in Erie, Pennsylvania. It’s a crazy line-up and, because it was meant to rain, they flip-flopped the bill, so the Doobie Brothers went on first and Rush closed the show. Not that I knew what that meant when I was a 12- or 13-year-old kid. And I think we smoked far too much. We kept count and, in retrospect, it was likely to have been nothing more than glorified oregano, but we thought we smoked a lot.’

Bugsy, production chief: ‘Which song do you wish you’d written?’

‘Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”. I have such feeling for the lyric and understanding of the lyric. Too many kids sing that song like a Christmas carol and haven’t got a fucking clue about the sexuality and the innuendo in that lyric. It’s just it’s a big part of who I am, the storytelling connection with that audience member who I’m singing it to.’

Glen the Finger, monitor engineer: ‘Besides you, who’s your favourite rock star?’

‘Elton John… greatest guy in the biz. Elton loves music. Elton is a fan of music. He buys records every week, he encourages young artists, he has taken more than one and made them into stars. Can you imagine getting a note or a call when you’re some nobody kid named James Blunt five years ago, going “Hi, it’s Elton John, I want to help you.” You’d probably just shit yourself.’

Abby, stylist: ‘Do you have a lucky pair of shoes?’

‘Not really, I usually wear boots until they have holes in the soles. And I wear basketball sneakers on stage. They’re easier to start, stop, jump in. Boots are too tough on the knees.’

Tony Bongiovi, video director (and Jon’s brother): ‘What am I getting for a tour bonus?’

‘Tony, stop asking questions. Ask Mom.’


Closet Confession...

Bon Jovi - Richie Sambora's Stylish Mother

Richie Sambora's mother was the inspiration behind Bon Jovi's early fashion choices as the group used to borrow items from her wardrobe to customise their outfits.
Bon Jovi used to wear Richie Sambora's mother's clothes.

The guitarist - who has launched his own clothing line, White Trash Beautiful, with designer and musician Nikki Lund - and his bandmates used to borrow items of clothing from his mum's wardrobe when they didn't have much money to give their outfits a unique twist.

Speaking ahead of the UK launch of the range at the Indig02 at London's O2 Arena tonight (23.06.10), Nikki told BANG Showbiz: "When the group didn't have the money to buy designer clothes they were still fashion trendsetters with their Spandex and stuff.

"Richie told me how they would take items from his mum's closet, like a scarf or something, and then tie it around their legs and it was really cool."

Although Richie sometimes cringes at what the 'Livin' On A Prayer' hitmakers wore in the 80s, he admits it worked for them at the time.

He said: "I look back at some of those pictures and go, 'What was I thinking?!' but it did work for us."

As well as his mother, Richie also revealed how ex-girlfriend Cher has had an influence on his style choices.

He said: "When I was younger I lived with Cher for a while and she turned me on to fashion - she was wild with her choices. But the funny thing now is she has been picking stuff out from White Trash Beautiful so it's come full circle!"



White Trash Beautiful...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

From Vogue

White Trash Beautiful

"WE wanted to make something for strong, empowered women who are in touch with their soft, sensitive sides and who are comfortable with their femininity - who can also kick ass," said Nikki Lund when we met her and Bon Jovi's Richie Sambora at the Sanderson for a look at their new collection, White Trash Beautiful.

The clothes are exactly what you would expect the lead guitarist of one of the world's most famous rock 'n' roll bands to want women to wear: seductively revealing, often spray-on and always dramatic. Fabrics are leather, suede, silk, stretchy snake print and lots of elastane, while detailing focuses on zips - there's even a zip-crotch leotard.

Lund - who once interned for Anna Sui and Jill Stuart in New York - learned her cutting sewing skills from her mother who was, she says, "a seamstress out of necessity; she didn't have a lot of money but she wanted to have nice things."

Lund and Sambora were introduced by a mutual friend after the musician decided that a song that he had been writing for the band sounded too misogynistic - but it did sound like a good name for a fashion brand. "Three days later," he tells us, "Nikki turned up with some incredible fabrics that I'd never seen before and we just started jamming."

But this is no ordinary celebrity collaboration, insists Sambora. "We didn't want it to be JLo's perfume or Beyoncé's Cologne - this is a clothing line. It's serious and, ultimately, we will do a men's line - I already some of the WTB pieces on stage and we've made a jacket for Jon [Bon Jovi]."

Who else would they like to dress? "Jennifer Anniston, definitely, she'd look amazing in the clothes," enthuses Lund. "And Salma Hayek, she's really sexy." Sambora has other ideas: he names Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie as his ideal clientele. "Megan has a really fantastic, feisty attitude that would work really well with the collection."

Meanwhile, Lund's advice for dressing stylishly is deceptively simple: "Wear what you can get away with. But you've got to rock it. Be confident." Sambora's is more straight forward: "I like women in tight jeans, tight Capri pants or short skirts with great stockings." Sounds like the ultimate WTB girl.

The collection is available at

Sambora's is more straight forward: "I like women in tight jeans, tight Capri pants or short skirts with great stockings."

Well, now at least I know what to wear if I ever get the chance to meet him.  :)


Calling all Aussies and Kiwis...


We are excited to be able to offer you Backstage JBJ Fan Club Pre-Sales and VIP Package sales for performances in Australia and New Zealand!

Beginning Thursday, June 24th, at 9AM Local Venue Time, members of Backstage JBJ will have access to purchase Fan Club Pre-Sale Tickets and VIP Packages for the following shows:
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  • December 17th, 2010 - Sydney, AUSydney Football Stadium

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Richie Goes Visiting...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Richie Sambora visits Marshall

Yesterday (Monday 21st) was an exciting day for Marshall, as we were honoured to have a very special guest visit us. Legendary Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora took a day out of his busy schedule while on tour in the UK and flew into Bletchley via private helicopter to pay us a visit!

Accompanied by second guitarist currently on tour with Bon Jovi, Bobby Bandiera, they enjoyed a tour of the factory and got the opportunity to try out a number of different amps right here in our on-site theatre. Richie purchased two 100 Watt 1959HW heads and two 1960 handwired cabinets. We also showed him a couple of prototypes of future units that he loved so much he wanted to buy there and then! Unfortunately being prototypes we were unable to sell them, but have allowed him to borrow them for the rest of the tour. You can check out Richie's brand new backline live at any one of their forthcoming shows. Check out our gig guide for full listings.



Bon Jovi Splits with Manager...

Monday, June 21, 2010

According to Page Six,

Bon Jovi Axes his Manager

PARTING is such sweet sorrow for Jon Bon Jovi and his longtime manager, Jack Rovner, who was fired this week after a number of snafus.

While no one will say anything unkind on the record, Rovner was seen around town crying in his beer because Jon told him, "I'm going in a different direction."

Rovner and his Vector Management were blamed for problems with the $1,000 VIP concert tickets sold in larger markets on the band's tour for their latest album, "The Circle." The VIP tickets were supposed

to include a meet-and-greet with Bon Jovi and even a photo with the rock
icon. But fans have been complaining they were never granted the promised access.

Rovner was also responsible for Jon doing an "artist in residence" stint at NBC, which blocked the band from promoting the album on other networks, and for the Showtime documentary "When We Were Beautiful," in which "Jon makes the rest of the band admit they are paid employees and owe everything to him," as one insider put it.

"Rovner recently sent his lawyer, Michael Guido, to ask Jon for a raise and was told he was lucky to have a job," said our source.

Bon Jovi e-mailed us: "Though I personally live for and love Page Six, I'm sorry to say that the tidbit you have received regarding the split between Vector Management and Bon Jovi is inaccurate. The boring truth is we decided to go in different directions and thanked both Jack and his team for a great job. He is and will remain a close friend and someone who I will be very grateful to for his dedication."

A spokeswoman for Vector Management said: "Jack and everyone at Vector are very proud of the work they did [with Bon Jovi] together over the last five years, including their first Grammy awards, first No. 1 chart debuts globally, and even a No. 1 on the country charts. Vector continues to represent the nation's top-selling acts, including Kings of Leon, Kid Rock, Dierks Bentley and many others."


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