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Have a Nice Day...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Okay, the cranky mood hung on. Maybe this will help me...

Hmmm, smiling now at those pants and that shirt... and Richie is wearing red. I think my mood is changing...


Rant of the Day...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

You ever have one of those days? It's not even Monday and my Thursday is one of those days. And it's only 8:35 in the morning. It's going to be a long-ass day at this rate.

My day started at 5:15. My good friend Hath likes to call that O'dark early. She's right.

I'm not a morning person by any means. I like to take my time in the morning. I used to have a routine. That got all shot to hell when Little Man started 7th grade three weeks ago. I drag my ass into the shower a good 20 minutes earlier than I used to and get myself ready to go to work.

Then I have to wake up Little Man. He's 12. Does that tell you anything? You have to know where this is going.

Here's our conversation this morning:

LM: Five more minutes.

Q: You have to get up now.

LM: Two more minutes, please?

Q: Come on bud, you need to get up. Now!

Now, it's early, 5:55 by this time. His bus comes (well is supposed to come, but we'll get to that) at 6:35. My son is not the quickest person in the morning which is why we get everything ready the night before. All he has to do is wash his face, get dressed, have his breakfast and brush his teeth before we leave to go to the bus stop.

I swear to Jon and Richie I have the world's slowest eater. It takes this child longer to eat a bowl of cereal than anyone I've ever seen in my life. By the time we finally get out the door and up to the bus stop, there is like 2 minutes before his bus is supposed to be there.

It never showed this morning. Again.

Little man takes a City bus to school, not a regular big yellow school bus. The City buses where I live, they all run on a specific timetable. His is supposed to be at the stop (4 blocks from our house so I drive him there) at 6:37. I was still waiting with him (in the car he doesn't let me stand out there with him) at 6:50. Now, I start work at 7:30 and I still have to go back home, have my breakfast, gather my things and get to my office downtown.

So, I pile Little Man back in the car, drive the 4 blocks home, make a slice of toast to eat in the car, grab my stuff and get back in the car and off we go to take him to school. We were halfway there when we passed the damn bus. Go figure.

After dropping Little Man off and getting yelled at by the guy out front that I was in the wrong place I high-tailed it to work. Inhaled my toast on the way, had to stop at the restaurant in my building for a carton of milk (when did they start charging $.80 for a stinkin' little carton of milk) and was at my desk at 7:30. I'm still not sure I didn't break a few laws to get here on time this morning. But I feel like I put in a whole day already.

Oh, you want to know where my wonderful Hub was this morning? Sleeping. It's his day off. Dammit. I should call him. Right now.

*Sigh* I think I need to change my pants. These cranky ones are a bit uncomfortable this morning.


Story Update...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A new chapter of Sweet Dreams has been posted. Read on!


Jon in London... Part 2

Jon was at the Absolute Radio station this morning. I have put all the pictures (from the restaurant last night and the radio station this morning) in the slideshow below.

Hmmmm, I wonder, have promos started already?

Anyway, the shots of him in the jacket/vest are from the restaurant and the blue shirt and jeans are from this morning.



On the Road Again...

Found these pictures whilst wandering the WWW. Jon was spotted leaving Locunda Locatelli Restaurant in London yesterday (September 15).

Author's Note: It was brought to my attention by Big Apple Jovi Girl that there were several more pictures of HRH from last night. So I amended my post and added them below. Thank you my friend!

Hmmm, Jonny just how much wine did you have with your dinner?
And what is up with the hair? Are you channeling your inner Elvis or something? LOL

Of course, if any of you have these without the damn watermarks, Queenie would be ever so grateful if you would be so kind as to share.


Richie Shares a Personal Story...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Just saw this and had to share it here with you. Do any of you read the Chicken Soup for the Soul books? If so, you might want to get the newest one coming out. It seems our Richie has taken part in this latest volume, Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Story Behind the Song.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Story Behind the Song is Famed Publisher's First All-Celebrity Release --Christina Aguilera, Melissa Etheridge, Lamont Dozier, Paul Anka, Kanye West, Richie Sambora, & other top songwriters tell entertainment veteran Jo-Ann Geffen their inspiration and techniques

COS COB, Conn., Sept 15, 2009 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Musicians love to say that every song tells a story, but they are usually tight-lipped about the story behind the song. Was it really scribbled on a napkin? What love interest was the real inspiration? If we knew the real story behind our favorite songs, would we ever listen to them the same way again?

Chicken Soup for the Soul(R) has partnered with veteran Hollywood publicist, talent manager, and celebrity booker Jo-Ann Geffen for the first all-celebrity book from the top-selling brand. Geffen peels back the curtain on 101 songs, songwriters, and artists with the upcoming release of Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Story Behind the Song (Chicken Soup for the Soul, LLC, November 10, 2009, 978-1-935096-40-5, $14.95). Jo-Ann Geffen is credited as editor along with Chicken Soup for the Soul co-founders Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen. The foreword is by Lamont Dozier, who is credited as an architect of the Motown sound.

The book reflects on many of our favorite songs that trace our lives through all genres of music. Some of those who tell their very personal stories include hitmakers Richie Sambora, Christina Aguilera, Melissa Etheridge, John Legend, the Backstreet Boys' Howie Dorough, Kanye West, Jewel and classic rock performer/songwriters like Chicago's Robert Lamm, Foreigner's Mick Jones, and Daryl Hall and John Oates; and alternative rockers Aaron Lewis of Staind and Corey Taylor of Slipknot. Readers will learn the story behind pop classics by Barry Manilow, Hal David, Diane Warren, and Paul Anka, rockers Jerry Cantrell of Alice In Chains and Joan Jett, as well as from R&B songmasters including Nathan Morris on the Boyz II Men/Mariah Carey hit "One Sweet Day," Walter Orange of the Commodores, Smokey Robinson, and Earth Wind and Fire's Philip Bailey and country singer/songwriters Tracy Lawrence, Ray Stevens, and Pam Tillis.

Some bring laughter, others bring tears, but all are insightful and great reading for music fans, aficionados or people who just like a good story. Each of the tales is accompanied by a photo and the lyrics for the song that is discussed.


I foresee a trip to my local Barnes & Noble in the near future.


Sad News...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Do you any of you remember the movie The Outsiders? How about Red Dawn? Point Break, Roadhouse? No? I bet you remember Dirty Dancing and Ghost though, right? Well for any of you who, like me, were fans of Patrick Swayze, I have some very sad news. He lost his battle with pancreatic cancer today. Yahoo had the following posted over on there website today.

LOS ANGELES – Patrick Swayze, the hunky actor who danced his way into viewers' hearts with "Dirty Dancing" and then broke them with "Ghost," died Monday after a battle with pancreatic cancer. He was 57.

"Patrick Swayze passed away peacefully today with family at his side after facing the challenges of his illness for the last 20 months," said a statement released Monday evening by his publicist, Annett Wolf. No other details were given.

Fans of the actor were saddened to learn in March 2008 that Swayze was suffering from a particularly deadly form of cancer.

He had kept working despite the diagnosis, putting together a memoir with his wife and shooting "The Beast," an A&E drama series for which he had already made the pilot. It drew a respectable 1.3 million viewers when the 13 episodes ran in 2009, but A&E said it had reluctantly decided not to renew it for a second season.

Swayze said he opted not to use painkilling drugs while making "The
Beast" because they would have taken the edge off his performance. He
acknowledged that time might be running out given the grim nature of the

When he first went public with the illness, some reports gave him only weeks to live, but his doctor said his situation was "considerably more optimistic" than that.

"I'd say five years is pretty wishful thinking," Swayze told ABC's Barbara Walters in early 2009. "Two years seems likely if you're going to believe statistics. I want to last until they find a cure, which means I'd better get a fire under it."

A three-time Golden Globe nominee, Swayze became a star with his performance as the misunderstood bad-boy Johnny Castle in "Dirty Dancing." As the son of a choreographer who began his career in musical theater, he seemed a natural to play the role.

A coming-of-age romance starring Jennifer Grey as an idealistic young woman on
vacation with her family and Swayze as the Catskills resort's sexy (and much
older) dance instructor, the film made great use of both his grace on his feet
and his muscular physique.

It became an international phenomenon in thesummer of 1987, spawning albums, an Oscar-winning hit song iBlockquoten "(I've Had) the Time of My Life," stage productions and a sequel, 2004's "Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights," in which he made a cameo.

Rest in peace Patrick. You will be missed.


An Oldie...

but a goodie. I love this interview with Jon. He was doing a phoner and the DJ got to talk to Jake and Romeo. This was back in 2006 near the end of the HAND tour, so Jake had to be 4 and Romeo was 2?.

It's very cute. Enjoy!


Track Listing...

It's official, we have a track list! That is, unless Obie is pulling our leg.

Hi Obie!

When are you going to publish Circle setlist and more info?
Asked by andro10 on September 14, 2009 at 10:58am
OK, here goes........
We Weren't Born To follow
When We Were Beautiful
Work For The Working Man
Superman Tonight
Thorn In My Side
Live Before You Die
Love's the Only Rule
Fast Cars
Happy Now
Learn To Love
Answered by Obie on September 14, 2009 at 11:44am
So there you go. Anyone wanna guess what the cover might look like?


Story Update...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sweet Dreams has been updated. Read on my friends...


Out and About...

Jon and Dot were spotted out and about in NYC the other day. How cute are they still holding hands after all these years?

Jon is looking a bit scruffy these days and a bit on the thin side if you ask me. Must be all that running he did over the summer. Maybe he's getting in tour shape?

Oh, one other thing, he still has that hat. Really, who does he think he is fooling? It's not really a disguise anymore now is it? We've all seen it a million times. I still say it's time for a new one.


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